A New Recording Space in Reading

You don’t need a pair of safety goggles to see the changes happening at GoggleWorks since its 2005 opening as a center for the arts. The factory has recently added a local recording studio that offers a service Reading musicians have been looking for.  

Pagoda City Studios is less than a year old but is gaining attention in it’s fifth floor studio. 

Created in November by Jay Shaffer and Paul Gross, Pagoda City Studios is growing to become what Shaffer and Gross had hoped; a professional and affordable recording studio for Reading’s local music scene.

The pair has gone beyond offering recording possibilities and dove into an artistic music project they refer to as the “After Hours Project.” Now 9 episodes in, Shaffer and Gross have had a variety of artists not just performing stripped down songs, but doing so in front of different galleries and works of art in and around GoggleWorks and Reading, Pa.

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