Reading Samba School

Performance date: June 13, 2018

From their website:

What is a Brazilian Bateria?

A bateria refers to the percussion section of an ensemble, such as those performing for Carnival in Brazil. This section consists of traditional Brazilian instruments such as surdos, caixa, repinique, chocalhos, tamborims, agogos, pandeiros, cuicas, and more!

Reading Samba School performs music inspired by rhythms from all around the world to create a unique experience. Some inspirations for the compositions/arrangements are Sérgio Mendes, Airto Moreira, Carlinhos Brown, Patato, Olodum, Timbalada, and Los Van Van.


To learn more about the founder of the Reading Samba School visit this article on the Reading Eagle website:

Portrait of the Artist: A.J. Merlino takes percussion to the people