Upcoming performances

Be sure to take a look at some of the talented bands and musicians we have on the schedule here at the Sound Room!

March 20th: Velvet Shelter (Philadelphia PA)

April 8th: Iron Butterfly  (California)

April 9th: The Stoney Run Group  (Stoney Run PA)

April 26th (Friday Show): The Jay Players (Lebanon PA)

May 8th: Ed Allison (York PA)

May 21st: The Little Leroys (Nashville PA)

June 13th: And Mowatt Frequency Movement (AMFM, Lancaster PA)

June 18th: The Undercoats (Berks County)

July 3rd: Frankly Lost (Philadelphia PA)

July 17th: Autumns Journey (Reading PA)

August 29th: Sacred Monsters (Baroque Music)